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Kiren Australia is a vigorous and Creative, Event management company in Melbourne. We’re obliged to present you with the best out of your demands and fulfill your every need and satisfaction all according to your fund. Our highly expert army first listens to you quietly and understands you well then after supposing all the scenarios they will show you the planning of the event so that you can customize it at the time without any last-nanosecond rush and we can deliver you the best services. We deliver a wide range of event services that include corporate events, volunteer fashion events, forthcoming sports events, particular events, and a lot further. Since 2010 kiren Australia has been sponsoring events in Melbourne, joining hands with Hello Bollywood magazine, Oorja Entertainment Company, and Sizzling Events. That largely supported the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne multiple times. Two subsequent times 2015 & 2016 witnessed Kiren Australia doing & grand events with fantastic execution and took the Melbourne events to a significant position altogether. From Initiating Meet & Greet night with Arbaaz Khan, Anil Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddique along with other famed Bollywood celebrities. To name some they would be Chitrangada Singh, Prachi Desai, Sunny Deol, Dharmendra, Akshay Kumar, Suneil Shetty, Jai Madaan and the list continues. Kiren Australia has been in collaboration with the Indian Film Festival Melbourne which is leading in the section of movie distribution and has maintained a high position over the last eight times. This professional event management company provides services for mass-market or private guests, in Australia. We specialize in venue management, event planning, press conferences, councils, product launches, and fashion events in Melbourne. We’ve been operating as an event agency more than twelve times and have set up a reputation as one of the best event management companies Melbourne offers. We have a variety of events to choose from and we will be able to manage any type of event. We have done fashion events with Chitrangada Singh, the Bike exhibition, and press conferences with the megastar of Bollywood Suniel Shetty, business events with the fortune lady Dr. Jai Madan. We assure you that every event would be memorable with us. We help people with planning, organizing, and executing their events. We’ll also work with you to come up with a budget for the event, as well as find sponsors and have an understanding of your brand and be able to incorporate it into the event. Your event will reflect your brand with its figures and overall theme.

These categories of our event services are as below-

  • commercial events We organize business networking events, press conferences, meet and greet events, etc.
  • Fashion events We form fashion shows, designer shows, fashion exhibitions, etc.
  • Sports events We manage multinational and national sports events like ICC T20.
  • Entertainment events We arrange concerts for various vocalists, rappers and DJ bands, etc.
  • personalized events- You can hire our team to organize any religious-based or get-together ceremonials.
  • Government events- You can also arise your government events with us.

These are the identity of a good event planning agency-

  • They will work with your own brother,
  • They will also increase the number of guests who attend your event,
  • They increase the number of companies who finance your event,
  • They will produce a flawless ‘on-the-day’ experience to ensure further sponsorship, more guests, and additional profit from future events
  • Be 100 transparent with no mark-ups or retired costs added to supplier statements

Kiren Australia is a well-recognized company in Melbourne (Australia) which offers a wide spectrum of event management services.

corporate event management

Corporate Events

Over the last few years Kiren Australia has become the prime choice for corporate events in Melbourne.

Entertainment event management

Entertainment Events

Kiren Australia provides with exceptional services in all types of entertainment events.

Govt event management

Government Events

Kiren Australia is preferred choice when it comes to organizing Government events.

sports Event Management

Sport Events

Kiren Australia is known for managing magnificent sport events in Melbourne.

Personal Event management

Personal Events

Kiren Australia is catering the personal event management with finest expertise in Australia.

Fashion Lifestyle Event management

Fashion & Lifestyle Events

Kiren Australia specialized in organising high -profile Fashion & Lifestyle events where nothing but the best is provided.


What Are Your Areas of Expertise?

We function from start to end on every Corporate, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Government, and personal event. The program with the sequence from product launches, Seminars, and company graceful evening gatherings. We’ve managed various sectors events and are delighted to deliver a recommendation.

What Event Services Do You Offer?

We propose a perfect event planning service. Which involve budgeting, scheduling, venue selection, coordinating staffs, arranging entertainment and decor, event security, catering, equipment. We provide the best-customized service as per your requirements. Every event from beginning to end is spectacular and we can surely accomplish all your requirements related to events.

What Are Your Fees?

It depends on your event requirements element on the scale and nature of the event, the complexity, and our level of involvement. We’ll keep in touch with you concerning time, hours spent, and interconnect with you on particular objects, but we’ll also help to adjust your budget and project accordingly. You’ll not ever be charged over what we agree upon.

Do You Charge Separately for Your Various Event Services?

Our certain services come standard, others are rated separately. To recognize what your event will cost, contact us to discuss with one of our event planners experts today.

Why Do I Need an Event Planning?

It is the best way to ensure that the different elements of your event function together to create a unique theme. We will provide reliable suppliers, deal with the perfect price, discounts, terms, and conditions on your behalf, and coordinate all perspectives of your event. Hiring an event planner withdraws stress and worry, and lets you enjoy the beautiful event.

Who Will Handle My Event?

We have a complete team of event planners, event designers, and event managers to match your every requirement. They perfectly manage all the planning and arrangements.

What’s the Difference Between Event Design and Event Planning?

The main difference is Event design confers to creating the right combination of elegant items to carry your event to life and Event planners manage the logistical elements of your event.

Why Should I Hire an Event Designer?

When you want Event Solutions, an event designer will have a great role in your event planning team. Hiring an event designer is a good choice to create a superb combination of aesthetic elements to build memorable moments for event attendees.

What Factors Do You Consider When Selecting a Venue?

We consider the dimension and strength of the venue essential for the number of guests, facilities, parking, technical needs, Acoustics, and budget impacts.

What if I Want to Manage My Own Event?

We favor your participation in every step of the process when it comes to creating your event come to life. For the logistics part on the day of the event, still we will provide an event manager to support you.

Can You Cope With Last-minute Changes in Plans or Emergency Situations?

Yes ,We have ample experience in contour with unexpected things. We establish abruptness measures for all our events and are regularly articulate plans to deal with emergencies

What Size of Events Do You Typically Manage?

We are experienced in managing almost every major to a minor event in the various sector.

Have You Ever Had Celebrities at Events?

Yes, we have managed many events, with some instances, Suneil Shetty, Jai Madaan, Bollywood actress Gauahar Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Anil Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, and with many great personalities.

How Many Celebs are in your Phone Book?

Our phonebook is enlisted with the great celebrities and personalities with which we are associated.

Why Should I Hire an Event Marketer?

Event marketing is a part of the Event solution. Our event marketers will be more connected with the need of your event, shaping them perfectly equipped to operate this specific costing job.

How much does an average event cost?

To understand the management cost structure of the entire event, Feel free to contact us

Can you source Venues?

Venue selection is absolutely vital and Yes, we have a collection of elegant locations to place your event beautifully.

What are our payment terms?

Payment terms are consist of an invoice and determine how much time the consumer has to make payment on the purchase.

What areas will we travel to execute events?

We proudly execute most of the events in entire Australia.

Engage with our dedicated, authentic and dynamic team. Joyous to work keeping your contentment at priority.

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On 2nd Dec 2007, Kiren Australia Pty Ltd started it’s first venture as a liquor store with a franchise of Cellarbrations at South Morang, Victoria 3047.

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